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Design, installation according to your needs
Our products - Kitchens

"In order to be inviting, a kitchen must be set well ..."
We perform all preliminary tasks necessary to set your kitchen, which will then be finished by our team. A representative will remain your unique point of contact throughout the completion of your project. No surprises in the end, the result is what was put down.

"At Cuisines & Regards, we do not improvise in your kitchen ..."
So as to avoid all pitfalls, we always take precise measurements on site before we work on your project.This allows us to consider all the criteria necessary for a good installation, to take your priorities into account, and to combine function and aesthetics ...

We are working with two manufacturers :
Here are some examples of nterior elevations :
    - Contemporary
    - Rustic/Country

Only some of the models are shown on this site, and numerous combinations are possible. To see even more of them, it is better to stop by the store ...

Come see us to design your ideal kitchen.

Contemporary finishes:
    Welmmann : W1 Wellmann - W1
    Welmmann : W2
Wellmann - W2
    Welmmann : W3
WellMann - W3
    Welmmann : W4
Wellmann - W4
    Welmmann : W5
Wellmann - W5
    Welmmann : W6
Wellmann - W6
    Welmmann : W7

Wellmann - W7
Morel Diafos
Morel - Diafos
Morel - Antium :
Morel - Antium
Morel - Polymers
Morel - Polymeres
Morel - Plolymeres

Morel - Polygloss :
Morel - Ploygloss
Morel -  Acrylux :
Morel - Acrylux

Morel - Lacquered :

Morel - laquees

Morel - bois contemporains :
Morel - Bois contemporains

Rustic/Country finishes :
    Morel - traditional woods
Morel - Bois Traditionnels
Morel - Bois traditionnels
Morel - Bois Traditionnels

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