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W5-241 Satin Malaga
Polymer Material Elevations
Savanah color countertopWELLMANN W5 241WELLMANN W5 241

Package #1 includes :

(lower elements only)
The following standard height elements:
(from left to right on picture)
- 1 lower cabinet, slanted, 15cm wide
- 1 lower cabinet, under sink, with 1 door and 1 decorative skirt, 60cm wide
- 1 lower cabinet, with sliding door, 15cm wide (tray racks)
- 1 lower cabinet, 1 shallow sliding drawer above, 1 deep sliding drawer below, 45cm wide
- 1 lower oven cabinet, with 1 shallow drawer below, 60cm wide (stove top shown not included here, sold separately at the top of the page)
- 1 lower cabinet, with sliding door, 15cm wide (spice racks)
The following elevated height elements:
- 1 lower cabinet, 1 shallow sliding drawer above, 1 door below, 30cm wide
- 1 lower cabinet, 2 shallow sliding drawer above, 2 door below, 50cm wide
All countertops
Elevated snack tablet with its two legs.
The adjacent coffee table and its leg.
Note that this package does not include some cabinets at the right end of the picture (package #2): you would just have a countertop, with empty space below.
Package #1 is only  :
2.200,00 € before tax

add 5.5% VAT if we set it as part of a home renovation project)
((add 19.6% VAT in all other cases))

Package #2 is optional and includes :
3 elevated height lower cabinets with shallow drawers above and doors below, 50cm wide x 2 + 40cm wide x 1, with new furniture to be ordered. The doors being bound, if we damaged them during disassembly, we would replace them with new parts of matching finish.
1 elevated height lower cabinet and 1 stock drawer (warranted condition), 50cm wide, with new furniture to be ordered..

With this optional addition (190cm length), you can get the whole lower kitchen for only :

2.700,00 € before tax

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information, to come see the elements, or anything else..
Appliances are not included in either packages (sink, oven, stove). . The layout can be somewhat rearranged to fit your situation...

(download this printable description)


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